Wonderful Egg Albumen
       ● Characteristics of egg albumen is white jelly around egg yolk, main egg is 67% liquid. In egg albumen is composed of protein more than half of all protein in the fresh egg. There is niacin, riboflavin, choline, magnesium and sulfur. Egg’s characteristics can indicate age of egg.  When the egg has more age, protein in albumen will change structure.  This will make albumen more fluid and will make egg yolk is more flat because albumen cannot prop it up.

       ● Egg albumen is protein to strengthen and repair muscle tears then it is suitable for people in all ages from children until elder, especially, patients who need special quantity of protein to rehabilitate body after illness.  More than this, it is also choices for young ladies who fear of obesity. At the same time, it is suitable for people who love exercise which albumen will strengthen muscles fit.

       ● To build muscles, it is necessary to use much protein but at the same time if we eat a lot of whole fresh egg, we will get much energy and also much cholesterol. If asking, during period of building muscles, we should eat egg albumen or egg yolk, which one should be more than another, the answer is egg albumen, as eating only egg albumen is the only one method to get clean protein and getting important nutrient. That’s why people like to eat only egg albumen more than eating the whole egg. However, we should not give up eating egg yolk, as there is vitamin and other nutrient which is essential to the body. We can eating just a few of whole egg and following together with egg albumen, such as eating 1 whole egg and 2 egg albumen per meal.  For favorite menu is boiled egg as it is cooked and easily separating egg albumen from egg yolk. 

       ● Did you know?  Professional body builders need to eat 64 egg albumen, just thinking that they need to separate egg yolk and egg albumen, it is difficult and more tired than exercise in the gym.  (We are body builders not the bakers, “Pasteurized Liquid Egg Albumen “OVF” 1000ml. = albumen from 30 fresh egg, 450ml = albumen from 13.5 fresh egg.  Surely strong, convenient, just having pasteurized liquid egg albumen brand “OVF”.