New! Pasteurized High Whipping Function Liquid Egg Albumen
Enter a new era in baking with OVF’s latest eggnovation, “Pasteurized High Whipping Function Liquid Egg Albumen”. It is specially formulated for professional bakeries so it easily whips up beautifully into light airy peaks that keep its shape for long periods of time without deflating. These qualities ensure that all cakes and pastries will retain a unparalleled soft, light and fluffy texture much sought after by all pastry chefs and bakeries around the world. Be convenient, save time, and raw materials, it makes cake and bakery “soft, light and rise” as never been happened before.

Good For: 

                            Thai/ international dessert industry, hotel, food chain restaurant and catering (HoReCa), retail (Modern Trade) and general customers (Retail Consumer), cake shop’s owner, café, bakery including
people who love cake cooking and general bakery.

Function/ Benefits: 

                            Easy and convenient because it only requires three to four minutes to whip up, and quickly form peaks.
                            Save on cost, time and raw materials because the liquid albumen whips up faster and firmer than ever to reduce preparation time. Costs are reduced due to lower levels of  wastage while allowing
bakers to forego the use of baking powder, cream of tartar and baking soda.
                            Pass through pasteurized process, getting consistent quality and standard which is   different from general fresh egg and is difficult to guess/to get good quality and freshness.
                            Shelf life longer (30 days)


                            Liquid albumen is a vital ingredient in making meringues, pavlova, chiffon cakes, tarts, pies, macarons, cheesecakes, cheese tarts, omelet bread, fluffy pancakes, soufflés, jam rolls, and assorted
breads, as well as Italian meringue buttercream and royal icing used to decorate wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and cupcakes.


                            2 litre = egg albumen from 60 fresh egg no. 3


                            Gallon 2 kg
                            Other packaging on request

                            0-4 degree Celcius for Chilled product