Mini Omelet Cube
Tearing all restrictions to make you enjoy good taste easily with “Mini Omelet Cube” just stirring box and pouring in the pan or container, putting in microwave 3 minutes, you will get omelet ready to eat. Full with value and nutrient composed of liquid whole egg (= 4 fresh egg) + fresh milk from dairy cooperative + egg yolk.

It is save, not lose any value, and omelet’s taste as it is contained in good grade gable top, clean and safer as pass through pasteurized process with heat in appropriate temperature. Not lose any benefits, value and delicious.

Good For:  Hotel, food restaurant, food chain and catering (HoReCa), retail (Modern Trade) and general customer (Retail Consumer) such as modern family, new generation who do not have time to cook breakfast, students, people who living rush, modern coffee shop’s owner, café home-made, that wish to open breakfast shop or to add line breakfast including hotel, resort, service apartment, hostel, omelet cube, can be served as breakfast without having chef.

Function/ Benefits: 

                            Begin the day with value of fresh egg and milk, adding egg yolk full of vitamin, delicious, good, useful, cube shape is cute and nice to eat and be convenient.

                            Cube (&Cute) shape that you will enjoy cooking/ microwave through container and for cooking’s pattern easily.


                            Can cook omelet menu in square shape or eat with other menus such as salad, steak, sushi, sandwich etc.


                            200 ml = 4 fresh egg, 1-2 serves


                            Gable Top Pack 200 ml


                            0-4 degree Celcius for Chilled product